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National FFA Week

Don't forget that National FFA Week is coming up on February 18-25!!

National FFA Convention

October 25, 2011

I Believe! On October 19th the 84thNational FFA Convention kicked off in Indianapolis, Indiana . NationalConvention is a never forget experience and a major highlight.  It is a meeting or convention where all of thenation’s FFA members and advisers gather together to learn more about agriculture,meet national officers, experience an ag career center, and award FFA members.

Attending National Convention gave FFA members skills that willhelp them down the road.  This experience could possibly place members onthe front lines to do great things and earn a grand career. If you ever havethe opportunity to attend, don’t hesitate to go!


Reporter's Worshop

September 15, 2011

On September 13th, 2011, all of the District I Reporters got to meetthe State FFA Reporter, Chris Steppig at Black Hawk East during ReportersWorshop! All of the FFA members who attended had a blast and learned a varietyof new skills. I (Rosamaria Lopez) have attended Reporter's workshop for three yearsand can personally say that it is one of my favorite events.

Chris did a fantastic job of teaching chapter reporters how to fulfill theirduties well. Reporters learned to always be careful how they chose to phrasethings. Saying things carefully is important because other individuals may misinterpretwhat one is trying to say. Members also learned that constructing one’s picturesperfectly is a top priority. One should never be afraid to take pictures up closein order to accomplish a great shot! Being creative, sharp and smart can leadto clean and clear photos. Chris also stated that “public image” is everything.He taught the reporters that everyone needs to be able to communicateeffectively because reporters are responsible for making the public aware of agricultureand the FFA in a positive manner.

All of District I Reporters gained excellent skills at reporter’s workshop.This workshop will help all reporters to be the best they can be at fulfilling theirduties for the year.


 Leadership Camp

August 12, 2011


  I LOVE CAMP! Approximately 200 Illinois FFA members shouted at the top of their lungs, rooting for the FFA Leadership Camp.  Students from all over the state arrived on July 27th to Monticello for the event, including our Section 3 FFA members which include RJ Dearmore (Alwood), Bella Frisk, George Reinstadtler (Cambridge), Danielle Strand, Alex Strom (Galva),Kyle Freebern, Jacob Miller, James Rudy, John Smith (Geneseo), Rosamaria Lopez (Kewanee), Jacob Klaver, Jacob Miller, Taylor Stock, Chris Zelnio (Orion), Tyson Schulte, Stephanie Adams, Justin Behn, and Dayton Coyne (Sherrard). From the moment campers arrived their leadership activities had begun. FFA campers had the opportunity to attend an ag career fair where they were capable of viewing future ag career options such as attending Western Illinois University,U of I, ISU and a few other colleges. Everyone’s personal favorite activity began shortly after the career fair, the challenge course.The course went from a trust fall up 5 feet in the air, to climbing a wall 10 feet up, and tarzan swinging across an imaginary lake with supremely vicious alligator. Every activity in the challenge course had to deal with one or more leadership qualities,the campers had to get together and discuss how to achieve their goal, whether it was making it across the deathly lake or making it over the10ft wall.Campers soon realized that without involvement, concentration, optimism,confidence,planning, and communication not only would they not make it across the lake,but they won’t make it successfully in life.



      According to the camp “leadership is not a mystical trait that one individual has and another doesn’t.  It is learned behavior that anyone can improve by study and application.” In order to improve all of the campers leadership skills power sessions occurred. There were 5 power sessions, Leadership,Heritage/Cooperative, Community Development, Student Development, and Chapter Development. In these power sessions campers learned that to be a leader one has the right to be him or herself, know one’s history,work well with others,be involved in one’s community, improve one’s skills, and always have determination to improve more. As a small reward for efficient work a red/bluedinner and dance event was held where campers had the opportunity to mingle with others from all over the state. 



      Four short days, a vast number amount of leadership activities, delicious food, and approximately 200 FFA members.Illinois FFA Leadership Camp is an extraordinary event held every year. Every camper that has attended the camp has left an improved leader. They discover opportunism,established by the camp “leaders find channels where information flows, they recognize options and opportunities and act on them; they discover who the leaders are and see to it that they meet the people in power.”